Learning Communities

Learning Communities

PLEASE NOTE: During the summer, we are taking a break from our learning community classes and will be reviewing our format for the futrue.  Please use this extra time to visit with others after the gathering, and find out about weekly opportunities for further bible instruction and discussion through our life groups, youth, and young adults group. 

Our Learning Communities take place Sunday Mornings at 11:35am after the Coffee Break. Join us for interactive discussion that will help you grow in your biblical knowledge and relationship with God.

We have two classes to choose from.  Additionally, parents have the option to either pick up their children after the service or have them continue in their class until after learning communities. 

Bible Class

Learn how to get the most out of a passage of Scripture.  In this class, you will learn about various genres of books in the Bible and apply the three basic principles of bible study: observation, interpretation, and application. 

Youth + Young Adults Class

The youth and young adults have their own joint class on Sundays after the service and discuss a topic and Bible passage, which they can apply to their lives.